What We Do


Back Office and ERP Transformation

We understand that transformation programmes are about business change and not just IT.  Our consultants have hundreds of years' experience in delivering global, complex back office transformations and ERP deliveries.  We have turned around numerous failed or failing programmes with highly successful outcomes.  Whilst we perform hands-on delivery, we can also assist client-side managing large SI, 3rd party and client teams to deliver successful, on-time, on-budget outcomes.  Our off-shore development teams can supplement or provide full-scale technical delivery.


Digital Transformation

Our teams have brought some of the largest organisations into the digital world introducing processes, architecture and systems performing at scale.  Our deliveries include removing millions of paper forms in the healthcare industry, online configuration of complex mobile telephony equipment, full end-to-end web-ordering of mobile phones with complex deals to the provisioning of bot-based access to large online data stores.


Data Migration

We have our own tried-and-tested data migration approach with detailed templates and tools.  Our approach and toolkit ensures that you move only the data you need, the quality of the data is appropriate and the migration can be performed in a robust, secure and repeatable manner.  We have configurable, end-to-end migration solutions for Oracle ERP migrations to fast-track your delivery programme.